Eating Mindfully

Being mindful and purposeful in your life can take on many forms and happen at any time. Many of the chances to do so are things you do every day. Although a meal may not seem to be something that you can do purposefully and mindfully, I will use today’so breakfast to give an example.


The coffee is from Black Rifle Coffee Company. They are a vey involved with other veteran-owned companies and are supportive of veterans. A sip is delicious and reminds me of the people I served with as well as the ones deployed and the ones that never are to return.

The bacon is uncured and delicious. It reminds me to read ingredients and understand as much as possible about sourcing.

The strawberries, spinach, and eggs are local. This reminds me to be conscious of helping the community around me and the chances that exist to provide for ourselves with more work.

Then the Kerry Gold cheese reminds me to not only consider my food, but the foods that my food takes in. Food sources are important on a nutrition, local, and global stage.

The key is that a meal does not have to be all personally sourced. But to be mindful is to consider the meal. Be thoughtful about what the meal means. What the foods are doing as fuel for your body. What that fuel means and the things it provides.

Take your time. Be mindful and purposeful with each bite. Chew it thoroughly and thoughtfully with each bite.

And most importantly, enjoy the meal completely and the way it feels. Not to be full, but pay attention to when your appetite is satiated. The point where you are really no longer hungry. How that feels. How your body reacts and the way not hungry feels as compared to the feeling of being “full” that most will try and attain. This is a very important lesson. Hunger can be a great tool and something we can all learn from. Hunger is a chance to be uncomfortable and find a way to be comfortable with that. It can then translate into comfort in many aspects of your life that may also be uncomfortable.

A meal isn’t just fuel for the body. If done well, it is a meditation.

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