The Peace Within

“Nothing, to my way of thinking, is better proof of a well-ordered man than his ability to stop just where he is and pass some time in his own company.” ~Seneca


If you are struggling with nutrition, fitness, a relationship, your job, or life in general, I want you to realize something. Nothing outside of yourself that you do will matter if you can’t get your mind right. The secret to everything in your life is much more simple than you think.

A powerful mind is an interesting thing to define. Some will think of a story or movie they are familiar with that tells a story of overcoming hardships or life and death struggles. Some will think of the Dali Lama. Some may think of prisoners of war. But each of us is trapped within our own prison or cell. Our minds are so often the limiting factor of what we can do or accomplish.

Have you ever stood in your shower and turned the hot water down or off? At first, the feeling is unbearable…or so you believe. But there is a wonderful strength to be found in learning to bear such situations. Growth is most often achieved through overcoming difficulties. Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable teaches us to dig within and find the piece of ourselves that allow us to persevere.

At the heart of it, these things come from love and positivity. Love and positivity are so important. I cannot stress this enough. If you cannot see yourself and your life in a positive way that allows you to visualize your success, no amount of hard work will matter. Wake up thankful with a vision of your life in mind. Say thank you out loud if you want! Write your goals for the day. Meditate and breathe peacefully. This isn’t all hocus-pocus. It is about getting you a set point that springs forth in a positive way. Knowing that any situation, no matter how daunting or awful, is simply temporary. You can choose how to react to it but nothing more. Your reaction is your own.

Here is a test…
The next time you are in a quiet place, close your eyes and attempt to clear your mind of everything. No thoughts of your day or obligations or responsibility. When something springs to mind, remove it. Clear your mind.

Were you successful?

I can tell you that, in times of stress, I used to find it impossible to simply read a book. I would read the same sentence over and over, with thoughts of my troubles constantly invading and overrunning my peace.

You must find your peace and your center. You must find your positivity. You must be able to focus on just your own breathing or heartbeat.

Until you can master your own mind, body, and soul you will find it difficult to master anything outside of that.  And like exercising or training, there are ways to train this. No one masters it without exercise and repetition.

This is truly where your journey will start. Just practicing being at peace with yourself.

There are so many good places to begin. Sit on the beach and watch the waves cycle. Walk through the woods and pay no attention to anything except the stimulus around you. Sit in the woods before daylight and watch the world begin to awaken as the sun rises.

The world is cyclical. Be mindful in your pursuit of these cycles and in your pursuit of peace. It is there for all of us and free of charge. It is your therapy and your medicine.

Your life is yours and yours alone. No one in this world cares more about it than you do. It is up to you how you will perceive it and grow within it. You cannot control what happens to you, only how you react to those things.

Live on your terms. Define your own goals and limits. Learn to be good company for yourself. Build a mind that is the strongest part of you. The rest will come.


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