What is Hunter Living?

To be a mindful person means a lot of things to a lot of people. But there is one really good place to start, and that is with answering a couple of simple questions:

Where am I?

What time is it?

Being mindful means recognizing some really simple answers to those questions.



Many other things can be going on that define those two spaces. But your job is to recognize what they mean and where you fit.

In you’re here and now, are you eating? If so, have you thought about where the food came from? One of the biggest problems with fast food is not only the added calories through needless ingredients. But also losing touch with the fact that the meal is important. That there was a story. If I go and plant a garden and harvest the vegetables. Then I hunt and use the meat, prepare a bone stock, and perhaps tan the hide yourself to have a blanket. These things all make you consider what went into it as you eat. The memories of things that happened when you were preparing the garden. The hunt that brought your meat.

We will speak more on the hunt later.

For now, just try thinking on your place and time. One of my favorite quotes by Seneca reads:

“Nothing, to my way of thinking, is a better proof of a well ordered mind than a man’s ability to stop just where he is and pass some time in his own company.”

Try being still and quiet. Can you clear your mind of all of the traffic that is usually moving through? Or is there so much that it is hard to sit and just “be”? I can recall being in a place where I could not even sit down and read without being flooded with thoughts. Being bombarded with thoughts and stressors. One thing after another screaming for attention. I was a man unable to do as Seneca suggested. That meant needed changes in my schedule and routine. Add time to get my body and mind strong again.

Learn to recognize where I was and what time it is.

Learn to, once again, get to know the man I was staring at in the mirror and to take good care of him. To be mindful of his place.

That is Hunter Living.