Morning Pages

So, this is something I will try to do most mornings that I learned long ago. That is, to do a brain dump of a page or so. We will call it Morning Pages.

Who decided things would be like this? Who came up with the idea that after high school you must hit college? Who decided you should work every day for many hours a day to help a company make money?

The truth is that the people that decided this are the ones you are looking for. The people that went and found their own way to fill their own purpose, need, or drive. Those are the people that dictate it.

The question is how do you survive with the Hunter Living mindset in such a world? That is a bit tougher a question. It’s hard to be in that mentally with the stresses and constraints of living an office-bound life. But it can be done!

First, wake up in the morning and move. Leave a glass of water by your bed and drink it first thing. Create a ritual for yourself. Drink the water. Do meditative breathing. Read and/or write for 20 minutes. Stretch. Feel the floor under your feet when you swing your legs off the bed. Write in a journal and release everything that is in your mind to that paper to start with a clean slate. Go work out! Whatever helps you find your center.

Secondly, change your diet to what suits you. No, you don’t have to eat the donuts and the company coffee. Instead, bring in your favorite home-brewed coffee and breakfast that fits your life choices.

Next, get up! Get out of that chair for 5 or 10 minutes every hour. Walk, get some air and sunshine. Move your body and stretch. Find a place to have lunch, but YOUR lunch. Something that makes you consider what went into it. Causes you to remember getting the ingredients and making it. Be in the mindful in these things.

Finally, leave work there. I know, that can be difficult. But decide that when you walk into your home, you will drop work with your shoes and bag. You will leave it there until tomorrow. When you are in your home, just be in your home.

You should always be able to answer the two most important questions in mindfulness properly, no matter your surroundings, as taught in Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Where am I?

What time is it?

Changing your routine will change your life.